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    How to Stop Over-Thinking 


    I’m a recovering over-thinker.



    /over- think-er/

    1. one who thinks too much


    Over-thinking is one of the worst of my list of habits. But, I’m getting better at not doing it. 

    I get and idea. I think about.

    …And I don’t mean in the: oh, that's a good idea, let’s figure out how to do it kind of way. I mean in the: oh, that’s a good idea- I think. Maybe it’s been done. Maybe someone else should do it. Maybe I should wait. Maybe it’s too late…

    Everything begins with a thought but gets finished with action.


    If you’ve been thinking about starting  __________ for years, and


    haven’t taken any action on ________________, you either never


    really wanted _____________ to begin with--- Or, you’re an over-thinker.


    When you really want something, you figure out how to do it. You go against fear, doubt, circumstances, and any other thing that is trying to keep you from it--- and you figure out how to get it done.

    Think on that for a minute.

    Think about the last thing you made happen, captain.

    You did what you had to do. Didn't you?

    Doing stuff is the only way to get into recovery. When you think you're thinking things through, what you are actually doing is opening a window for fear + doubt to come in. 

    So today, that thing that you’ve been thinking about doing?

    Do it.

    Go make stuff happen. Think less. DO more.

    Get out of your head and into your reality.


    That said... I’ve been thinking (admittedly for way too long on this one.)  It’s time for my songwriting + inspirational lifestyle to have a baby. It's a girl, and I’m calling her Go Music (Music that will inspire you to GO and create what you freaking love the most.)

    Sounds good, doesn't it?!




    Until next time, Love...

    "Pursue something you freaking love

    so that the process that it will take you to get it will be worth it."


    An Open Letter To Myself (Burn The Freaking Box)


    In just about 4 weeks I will be hitting a birthday milestone.

    I would tell you what birthday that is, specifically, but then I’d have to kill you.

    Anyway, I always get crazy around my birthday.  With excitement, I start a countdown 6 months ahead. Then, with anxiety, I start crying (on the inside) because my birthday is a huge reminder that I’m getting old(er.)

    When I get like this, I write myself a “calm down and get yourself together” letter.

    This time, I decided to make it an open letter.


    Dear Nakeia,

    Calm down and get yourself together. 

    You’re getting older.  That means you’re still alive. 

    Be grateful.

    Yes. You’ve been through a lot. Yes. You will probably go through more.

    And--- you’re strong enough to handle it. So just do what you can and ask God to help you with the rest.

    It’s time for you to step things up.  You’ve been talking + planning + talking... now, start doing. MORE. Get fired up. Show the world more of you. Take the filters off. Burn the freaking box!

    You are worth the effort.




    I also write myself notes on Instagram each week. Meet me there...

     If you were to write yourself a letter, what would it say?


    Until next time Love...

    "Pursue something you freaking love

    so that the process that it will take you to get it will be worth it."


    My Answer To Rejection and Pain: It Sucks (Just Keep Going...)


    I was asked these two burning questions this week:

    #1 How do you keep plugging away at music after rejection with your submissions?

    #2 How have you learned to accept the choices your parents have made concerning you---especially when it caused you pain?

    My answers:

    #1 It’s very discouraging at times. It’s sucks.  I just tell myself it’s not what they wanted…

    #2 I have not accepted it. I will never accept it. It hurts. But, I have to go on…

    Sometimes the truth about who you really are during the process is what people need to hear.

    The fact that someone else who has faced/are facing the same kind of things + shares some of the same real, raw, and unpretentious feelings is encouragement enough to keep going.

    Creating a good life--- one that feels good to your soul--- isn't always easy.  There will be rejection + pain along the way. That’s just the way it is.

    I would love to have some eloquent, super spiritual, immensely enlightened answer for how to deal with it. But, this is all I have:


    Just Keep Going…


    Until next time Love...

    "Pursue something you freaking love

    so that the process that it will take you to get it will be worth it."